Insurance for Your Property

If you take care of yourself, it’s only natural to take care of your property too. No matter if you have a house or a condominium, an insurance policy should be done to protect you and your house.

Property-ValuationSome people still don’t know that insuring your property is mandatory, no matter if they have bought it cash or with a credit loan. There are so many things that can go wrong, and securing your property should be a priority, no matter where you live.

The process of closing an insurance policy is extremely easy, and our valuations WA company – BFA Properties will tell you all about it.

Step 1 – Find an Insurance Company

Once you have determined that you need a property insurance, all you have to do is find the right one for you. Start looking online as there are plenty of available websites that present insurance policies, with pros and cons. If you don’t feel that those are relevant, ask among your friends and see what company have they used. Ask about what was offered for their policy and what is covered by the company. It’s a good way to make an idea about what to further expect when you meet with a representative.

Step 2 – Prepare Your House

Make sure your house is properly cleaned, both outside and inside. If there are any repairs that need to be made, fix them now, before the valuer or the representative from the insurance company comes. There can be a hanging cabinet door or a towel rack that doesn’t work anymore. These small repairs will not cost you much, but they will certainly make a good impression. Take care of the outside too, and fix the lawn and clean the yard.

Step 3 – Ask for a House Inspection

This is good to be done before the insurance agent comes, as you will know if there are any serious problems with your property. The house inspector will check everything from the structure of the house, to the aspect of the house. You will receive a written report and some recommendations if you need to do something. Don’t overlook them, as that can make a big difference when the valuer comes. Fix what is needed before calling for the insurance

Step 4 – Ask for a Property Valuation

To determine the insurable value of your property, you will need to call a property valuation company. With the report from the house inspector, the valuer will better determine the insurable value of your property. It will be a good thing to have them both, as the insurance company will fund you the amount that is needed in case of a disaster, a fire, a flooding, a complete damage or other things that are provided within the insurance policy.

If you want to insure the goods that are inside the house, you will be able to do this too. A valuer will come and catalog everything that you have inside, to know how much they are worth. The policy is called a content insurance and it is dedicated to all those things that you can pack and take with you when you move.

Step 5 – Choose

Now that you know what this means, all you have to do is choose the right insurance company for you. With the house inspection report and the property valuation report, ask quotes from different insurance companies. They will tell you what each policy covers and how will you be indemnified for each situation that can appear. Don’t go for the cheapest, but neither for the most expensive. In the end, you should choose the policy that fits your needs.

Tips for a Good Property Valuation

When you want to sell a home, you will have to call for a valuer to determine the market value for your commercial-property-buildings2property. This means that someone from a property valuation company will come and analyze your property for all that it matters.

The property valuation is a process that results in a written report about your property. The report will contain all that is important for your property – the size of the building, the size of the land, the location of the property, how many rooms you have, how many bathrooms, if there were made any improvements, if the rooms are big enough, if there is an outside living area, a pool, a parking space and so on. The figure that will be written in the report will be determined by different approaches, but the result is the same – you will know how much your property is worth in today’s real estate market.

Everyone would like to increase the value of their property, and because you can’t change the location, you can still do some small things to change the appearance. Here is what our Perth property valuers from BFA Properties say about this:

The Interior Cleaning

When you get inside your house, what do you see? Do you see toys everywhere and dirty clothes? Do you have a hard time reaching one room or another because you have to swim through different things just to get there? Well, imagine what the valuer would say if he/she sees that interior. To offer easy access it’s better to clean and de-clutter the entire house. The valuer must have access to all the rooms and the structure should be easily seen. This is important as decluttering your house will leave the impression of a bigger space, and that is worth a lot more.

Store away the things that you don’t use in boxes, and deposit them in the attic to be easily moved when the time comes. You can also dismantle the big furniture and store it too. Take down the more personal items from the walls, like pictures or personal art. Make a thorough spring-cleaning and insist in the bathroom and in the kitchen – those are the areas that people take an interest in, and it’s better to have them sparkling clean.

Refresh the Air

color_icons_blue_homeOnce you have stored away the things that you could, the house will seem bigger without all that furniture and personal items. You can give a new coat of paint, to improve the aspect of the walls. If you had art hanging on them, you surely have seen that time has left traces there, so a new paint will cover everything up, offering you nice looking walls.

Air the house very well when the valuer comes. Clean the windows, wipe the floors, do everything that you can to have a sparkling house. It doesn’t cost you at all to have a good-looking interior, especially when the house is almost empty and what you have to do is very easy.


Many people forget how important it is to have a trimmed yard. Think about what your guests would say if they see that the yard is not taken care of. This being said, mow the lawn and throw away the debris that is left in the yard. Make it look nice and welcoming, by adding flowers and small bushes. You can buy these from dedicated stores, and these are easy to plant.

If you have the space, arrange for an outside patio – some comfortable chairs with colorful pillows and a nice table is all that you need.

What to Do to Increase the Value of Your House

hand-houseYour house is the most valuable asset in terms of investment. It’s natural that you would want to increase its value for different reason – an increased comfort for the time that you live in it, or to obtain a better price in case you want to sell it. There are also other reasons, like a bigger insurance policy or to obtain a bigger amount of money from the bank in case of a loan.

The value of your house is given by different things, like location, age, type, way of building, size and others. It’s true that you can’t change the location of your house, but in case you still want to increase its value, there are some things that you can do.

When you talk about this, even the small details will make a difference, and with a budget and some time, you will have a better house with an increased value.

Add a Bathroom

This is one of the most expensive things that you can do, but it will also be rewarding when the valuer comes and evaluates your property. It’s an important investment, as the value of the house will increase, even if you have spent a small amount of money. What you need to do is find a place where you can fit the bathroom. It doesn’t have to be big and you can use even a few square meters for this project.

figure_house_shopping_400_wht_2083Under the stairs that lead to the next floor or in the place where it’s a bigger closet that you don’t use – these are perfect locations that don’t request too much investment. However, you will have to call for a plumber to set the pipes right and offer you the possibility to install a shower or a bathtub, the sink and the toilet.

The materials can be easily picked – browse the stores for tiles and cabinets, choose a nice vanity and a beautiful mirror. Keep the toilet white, even if you are tempted to choose some other color. There are a multitude of showers to pick from at the stores, and you will also find small bathtubs that can be placed even in the smallest bathroom.

Don’t choose too many colors, as the aspect of luxury is given by two colors most, with good accents and accessories. Go for black and white, or a warm brown, choose two tones of blue or something that contrasts.

If you can’t do it yourself, call for professional help, but keep in mind that it would cost you much more.

Repair the Roof

This is something else that you can do to increase the value. A roof is a costly investment, but it will pay out when the times comes for you to sell the house. The roof is very important as it protects the house against all the weather elements that could affect it. If the roof is broken or it has faults that you can’t clearly see, the water can infiltrate in the attic, leading to water damage.

That would not be a simple problem, as from there you could have a lot of mold and humidity that will spread around your house in no time. Having a house full of mold not only will decrease the value, but it will put your health in danger, as mold can cause serious respiratory problems.

This cannot be a simple DIY project, as repairing a roof can be a dangerous job, and replacing it all is not very easy. Call a roofing professional to give you a quote and see which one you will hire for the job.

If you have done some improvements, but you are not sure of the value that they have brought to your place, give us a call.

Why Should You Improve Your Property

Your house is the place where you feel most comfortable and you will do almost anything to achieve the ultimate comfort that your property can offer you. Owning a house though is not an easy thing, as it requires special and constant maintaining. If you buy a house, you have to take good care of it, as this is what protects you and your family, what you hold dear in the world.

Your house is the place where you retreat after a hard day of work, where you stay with your family and enjoy quality time, where you gather with friends and have beautiful parties. As you surely know, a house is not cheap and you invest more than money in it.

homefadeAt BFA Properties we know all about these things, but we have some secrets for you that anyone can use. Our Perth house valuations experts will tell you why you should improve your property, no matter if it is big or small. Some things can entirely change the perspective you have on your home, so give it a try and see what it changes.


Comfort is the first thing that interests any of us when talking about a home. You surely want the HVAC system to properly work, so if yours is making any problems, find the time and the needed budget and change it entirely. This way, you will not have any more troubles with it – the heating will work property, the air conditioning will do its job and you will have warm water whenever you want it. You can add a heating system that in integrated under the floors. It is true that this requires some investment, but your house will be better warmed.

Apart from this, if your roof is old, consider repairing or replacing it. An old roof will be sensitive to the weather elements and in time, hinges can break, leading to water damage in the attic. A water-damaged attic will lead only to further problems – you will have humidity and mold in your entire house, and by that time, a general remodeling will be needed. It is quite expensive, but it will solve any future problems that you might have.


The structure of your house needs to be in perfect condition, so whenever you can, ask for a home inspection. This will tell you if you have any problems and if there are some things that you might have missed. Mold cannot easily be seen until it is too late, and a home inspector will have the means to tell you what is wrong.

home21A home inspection should be done at least once per year, this giving you the possibility to fix what is needed. You can have trees that have branches that touch your roof; you can have pipes that are broken and create water damage; you can have debris in the drainage and ultimately, your house might need a proper insulation for the walls and for the windows.

If you improve all of these, you will create a secure space for you and your family. A proper insulation will also help you lessen your electricity bills, while eliminating the mold from your house will give you a sanitized interior, which will prevent breathing problems from appearing.

Increased Value

In the end, all the improvements that you make for comfort and security will also lead to an increased value for your house. This might help you in case you later want to sell it, or if you want to close an insurance policy for your property. In both cases, a property valuation is needed to be able to see what was done to your property and how much it is worth it now.

Choose the Right Property Valuation


Property valuation is the process that helps you know the value of a property for different cases. Not all people know the need for this, as not everyone has met with this situation. Usually, the property valuation is used for valuating the houses that are sold or bough, but there are also other situations when you need to ask for this.

Our WA valuations company – BFA Properties knows all about these situations when a property valuation is asked. We will present you with the different cases, so that you have the right knowledge about this to know what to ask for, when the time comes.

When You Buy or Sell a Property

This is the most common case, as the property valuation is commonly asked by the banks or the financial institutions when people ask for loans. The written report will help the lender know if the property that will be used as security is good enough and is worth enough to lend all that money. Usually, with this House and moneyprocess it is determined the market value, meaning that you will know how much can your property “cost” on the market. Sometimes, this report is used as a starting point for the price of the property, as the valuer gives you a fair valuation. The report will contain all the details about the property – the size of the building, the land, the location, if there were any improvements made, how old is the building and so on. Based on this and on different approaches that the valuer might use, you will get a figure for your property.

When You Want to Invest in Real Estate Properties

This is another case when a property valuation is needed, as there are some people who can afford to see the real estate as a good business. For example, if you want to become a real estate investor and you don’t know where to start, you can find a financial institution that lends you a big amount of money so that you can be able to buy a small complex of apartments. The building that you want to buy will be used by the bank or the financial institution as a security, but for you it will bring profit. For this, you need to know what is the investment value and if the building is worth buying. This is where you will use the property valuation that will give you the investment value – this way you will know for sure if your decision is sound or not.

When You Want to Close an Insurance Policy

This is another common case when the property valuation is used. The valuer will determine how much your property can cost if you were to rebuild it. This is a general definition, as each insurance company will offer you different policies with different attributions. A policy that covers all – fire, disasters, flooding, burglary, theft, etc – will give you enough money to rebuild the whole property. You can also house (1)insure the contents of the house or the building – and that can be another policy or one that covers both the building and the contents.

Whatever the case, you will need to ask for a property valuation to know for sure how much money you can use in case something goes wrong.

There are many insights to this written report, but the truth is that you will surely need it at one point or another in your life, especially if you want to buy a house or you want to insure it. Even if you feel like it’s an extra cost, think that this will tell you if the property you are willing to buy doesn’t have any hidden faults that would cost you a lot more to repair later in time.

Give us a call at BFA Properties and our house valuations Perth experts will offer you a fair valuation!